Someone with the url 125orbust is following me, and there is a picture of blackface on their blog. I don’t see any criticism of it. When I try to message them there is no submit button for asks.

125orbust, I hope your theme is just messed up and that there’s some criticism of that blackface, because if you’re a racist you can just unfollow me.

Hey buddy, I don’t remember what picture this is referring to, but I just wanted to say that I reblog a lot of things not because I support or agree, but rather so that it’s saved and I can go back to it later on. I’m a visible minority who has gotten plenty of racism as well, I would never support anything like that. Once again, I don’t remember the image but I most likely reblogged so I can refer back to it. Sorry about any misunderstanding.


im actually happy im not white because living in american i would get so much shit.. Even tho I just wear a lot of dark clothes, so it’s whatever bc im the most boring person…….. 

Why there is no "Black Privilege"


I now understand where Bianca Lawson’s character in Save The Last Dance was talking about to Julia Style’s character. Bianca was supposed to be ignorant and the “racist” one, but her character was a black woman from the inner city. She was more or less just upset her ex-boyfriend was with another…

"Why aren't there white people included in this??"


"It’s about equality

Right. That’s the point. Just because a post has only black princesses doesn’t mean it’s discriminating against all white people. Quite the opposite actually. Disney was a racist the fact that they even have black princesses/black actors now is a huge thing. That’s the…

Hello my British friends. I was wondering if Topshop is considered an expensive brand there. That’s all.

Because it’s hella expensiveeeeeeeeeeeee